When most people grenade their engine, they either swap out a new one or strip their heartless car down for parts. Croatia's Mate Rimac is not most people.

When his engine went, he decided to create an electric BMW using off the shelf parts. Two years and four iterations later, Rimac created a 900-horsepower beast that can hit 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, top out at 174 mph and – depending on how much he flexes his right foot – travel for over 100 miles on charge.

So what's he doing with his lime green creation? Well, Rimac is now the proprietor of VST Conversions and while showing off his E30 to a couple execs from the German-owned RWE electric company, they decided to perform an impromptu drag race with the company's Tesla Roadster. See the results in the video below and check out the bonus clip of the BMW's development.

[Source: VST via Wired]

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