Mission R naked pics reveal secrets of design sorcery

Mission Motors Mission R naked – Click above for high-res image gallery

If you thought the race-ready Mission R from Mission Motors looked totally hot all buttoned up and ready to roll, wait until you see it fully naked. Granted, it still has its shoes on but we think that only adds to its allure.

The San Francisco start-up has released a set of photos that reveals how they managed to stuff their 141 horsepower MissionEVT drivetrain and 14 kWhs of battery into a package smaller than a 600 cc sportbike. And though a picture may be worth a thousand words they also let James Parker, the bike's renowned designer, walk us through the construction.

The secret to their saucy cycle is the sucessful integration of three design elements into one powerful and nimble machine. Those elements? Earth Wind and Fire Components, geometries, and packages. While we could explain it further for you, Parker does that quite well in the latest Mission Motors blog entry, leaving us with more time to oogle the gallery below. And drool.

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[Source: Mission Motors]

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