Lorenzo Quinn's "Vroom Vroom" sculpture arrives in central London

Vroom Vroom by Lorenzo Quinn – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ever get the feeling that your car is little more than an oversized toy? Lorenzo Quinn evidently did. The sculptor took the very first car he ever bought – an original Fiat 500 – and transformed it into the public display of art you see here.

The installation piece features a four-meter-tall child's hand and forearm, modeled after that of his own son and crafted out of aluminum, grabbing the Fiat like a giant kid playing with a toy car.

After being displayed in Abu Dhabi and Valencia, Spain, the sculpture has now been installed on Park Lane, a swanky stretch of road in central London characterized by a number of five-star hotels and high-end automobile dealerships. This certainly ought to put things into perspective for the next noble gentleman shopping for a new motor car. Click through the thumbnails below for a closer look in our high-resolution image gallery.

[Images: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images for Halcyon Gallery]

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