Not sure what to make of all this, but it appears that MTV has put General Motors into a bit of a tight spot. The network "accidentally" showed commercials for the Chevrolet Volt during the controversial new teen reality drama. Skins shows teenager actors (one is apparently 15 years old) involved with all kinds of fake drugs and sex. MTV calls it frank and honest, but advertisers are running away in droves and that the Parents Television Council, a conservative TV watchdog group, called it "the most dangerous program ever" for children. The PTC is calling for an investigation into whether or not the show qualifies as child pornography. (Anyone else remember when The Simpsons was a controversial show?)

We heard recently that Chevrolet is in talks to promote the Volt through a reality TV show, but no one is saying that Skins is the show in question. For its part, General Motors has informed the Fox network that it, "never intended to advertise on the show in the first place." MTV claims it had put the Volt onto Skins in error and has apologized.

[Source: Fox]

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