Epyon BV has announced that two of its multi-port quick chargers have received official CHAdeMO certification. While this may sound insignificant, the Epyon quick chargers are the first CHAdeMO-compliant systems with the ability to simultaneously charge multiple battery-powered vehicles.

Epyon's Terra Base Station 50.x and 100.x – the latter of which can charge up to four plug-in vehicles at once – have received CHAdeMO certification. Both the 50.x and 100.x boast the ability to charge most electric autos to near full capacity in less than 20 minutes. Epyon's Terra 51 Charge Station, a single-port quick charger, also received CHAdeMO's seal of approval.

Epyon says its multi-port quick chargers are a solution for locations that expect to see an abundant amount of plug-in traffic in the future, but that either don't have ample space to employ numerous charging stations or would like to have the ability to upgrade the number of charge posts at a later date without significantly disrupting the site. Epyon's 50.x and 100.x chargers, both of which employ a separate base station and stand-alone charging posts, are easily expanded to accommodate additional plug-in vehicles.

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Epyon Becomes First to Complete Certification of Multi-Port EV Fast Chargers

- CHAdeMO Compliance Demonstrates Strength of Product Portfolio as Market Takes Off

Epyon BV, the leading European supplier of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), announced today that it completed certification of two multi-port fast chargers, making them the world's first CHAdeMO compliant systems that allow for simultaneous charging of multiple cars.

CHAdeMO, the association that promotes a worldwide connection standard for EV fast charging, recently certified Epyon's Terra Base Station 50.x and Terra Base Station 100.x, which can charge the batteries of up to four electric vehicles simultaneously in as little as 15 minutes. In addition, Epyon also received CHAdeMO certification for the Terra 51 Charge Station, a cost-effective single-port charger, designed for locations with occasional EV traffic.

"This certification underlines that Epyon chargers are compatible with all EVs entering the market today. The ease with which we were able to certify two multi-port chargers simultaneously and the fact that we are the first to achieve that underlines our global front-runner position in intelligent fast-charging systems," said Wil van Gils, Epyon's CTO.

Multi-port solutions are ideal for locations that are expected to see an increase in EV traffic in the coming years. The number of charge posts can easily be upgraded to a maximum of four without significant intervention at the site. Epyon's multi-port solutions are receiving strongly increasing interest from the larger utilities.

Epyon's systems are future-proof: they're equipped with web-updateable software, allowing easy downloads of communication protocols for new car models. During testing in December 2010, Epyon successfully demonstrated simultaneous charging of three EVs with different protocols: two Mitsubishi i-MiEVs - with different versions of the CHAdeMO protocol - and one retrofitted delivery van via the Epyon Luna Interface Module, which is used to upgrade older EVs for fast charging.

Epyon, founded in 2005, is scaling up operations across Europe as the market for EV fast chargers is taking off. In 2010, Epyon launched Europe's first commercially operated fast-charging station and signed several agreements with large utilities and charging network operators to deploy its multi-port solutions. All Epyon Terra systems support the CHAdeMO standard, which has been adopted by large carmakers including Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen.

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