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Victory Motorcycles High Ball is a blacked-out menace

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It looks like Harley-Davidson isn't the only bike company dabbling in the dark arts these days. Victory Motorcycles has pulled the sheets off of its new High-Ball at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York. The bike looks like it's been upended and dipped in a vat of matte black paint with just a few exceptions. The tank wears a flat-white cove with matching wide whitewall tires. At the heart of this machine is the company's 97-horsepower 106/6 Stage 2 V-twin that cranks out 113 pound-feet of torque.

If you're looking at those ape hangars with the jaundiced eye of practicality, fear not. Victory says that the bars can be adjusted to stand straight up and down or folded back for a more comfortable riding experience. If you're looking to buy your way into the rat rod scene, there are worse ways to do it. The High-Ball carries a price tag of $13,499.

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[Source: DealerNews]

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