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Audi reconsidering Q3 for U.S. sales?

Audi Cross Coupe Quattro Concept – Click above for a high-res image gallery

Is Audi going to bring its Tiguan-for-the-country-club Q3 over to the United States? Originally the automaker said nein! to the idea of a subcompact crossover on American soil, but now Audi is reportedly reconsidering offering the Q3 Stateside.

BMW is getting ready to launch the X1 here in the U.S., and Audi wants a cut of the North American subcompact crossover action. Since the American car-buying public is fairly wagon-averse, this move makes sense for Audi and could be a strong move to help it reach the aggressive sales goals it has set for itself.

The Q5 has already been a sales winner for the brand here in the States. In 2010, sales of the compact crossover rose 70 percent, and having a smaller Q3 in Audi showrooms would allow customers to still get in on the quad-rung crossover action for a bit less cash.

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[Source: Motor Trend]

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