Mercedes-Benz is keen on fuel cell technology and has developed a fuel cell B-Class with an impressive 249-mile range (you should get something for your $849 a month – see it in action here). During a media presentation at the Detroit Auto Show recently, Mercedes announced that a fleet of 70 B-Class vehicles powered by fuel cells will soon be seen on the roads of California as part of an global project to prove that fuel cell vehicles are a viable option as a clean vehicle. The fleet will kick off the campaign in Vancouver, Canada.

According to Mercedes, fuel cell vehicles are in a stage of development akin to early internal combustion engine vehicles of the late 19th century, when gasoline was purchased not in gas stations, but in drug stores. Because of this, the German automaker is out telling governments around the world that in order for the fuel cell concept to succeed, they must first invest in building an infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations to support the vehicles. After all, a vehicle with a 250-mile range is worthless if it's impossible to refuel.

[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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