Recently, a slew of reports have surfaced suggesting that many of China's automakers are scaling back development of alternative energy vehicles. Specifically, reports indicate that weak consumer interest is forcing Chinese automakers to ditch plans to manufacture electric vehicles. With that in mind, it's surprising, at least to some degree, to stumble upon news indicating that China is forging forward with plans to install perhaps millions of plug-in vehicle charging stations within the next decade.
On the sidelines of this year's Detroit Auto Show, Wang Dazong, president of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., (BAIC), told reporters that China is:
Working on a plan - and I think it will be announced very, very soon - and is basically calling for having, in ten years, electric car parks of 10 million (units) or above.
Back in October, China's Minister of Science and Technology stated that the nation's production of battery-powered vehicles could exceed one million by 2020, but even if plug-ins hit that level, the installation of ten million chargers would still be difficult to justify.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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