Cars, crossovers and trucks have been available with back-up cameras for the better part of a decade and now bicyclists will finally be able to get in on the action with a little help from Cervellum.

While the Rael concept bike above is the product of Evan Solida's imagination, the 3.5-inch transflective LCD mounted on the handlebars is very much a reality. Cervellum's Hindsight 30 system utilizes a camera mounted underneath the seat, but Solida opted to integrate the camera into the seat stays, making it less of an aftermarket addition and more a cohesive part of the overall design. Along with the camera system, the Rael comes equipped with Shimano's Di2 electronic shifters and a novel handlebar solution utilizing a set of bullhorns with redesigned and reversed pistol-grip brakes hanging down to create the drops. The rationale behind the redesign is that the rider's index fingers can better actuate the brakes whether they're gripping the hoods or tucked in and using the drops. Cervellum hasn't announced pricing or availability for the Hindsight system, but it's safe to assume it'll hit the market before Solida's creation.

[Source: Bicycle Design, Cervellum]

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