If you're a fitness nut, the thought of having something other than your legs power you up the mountainside is tantamount to downing a McDonalds McRib while choking down your second pack of Marlboro Reds. But for those of us less concerned with exercise and more interested in enjoying the spaces between A and B, Ego-Kit has an answer. And it's packing 1,200-watts of go juice.

The kit comes complete with a battery pack, electric motor, drive system, throttle/controller and all the necessary mounting hardware to retrofit a claimed 70% of the bikes on the market. According to the German company, it can push an average rider uphill for 3,280 feet at an 80% maximum incline (around 40-degrees). If the terrain is flat, you can travel up to 25 miles and max out at 43 mph, and when the juice does run out, a full charge won't take longer than an hour. Naturally, there's a rub and it comes in the form of tonnage. The whole kit weights in at 9.7 pounds – hefty for even the most kitted out downhiller and unthinkable for a lightweight carbon roadie. Prices haven't been announced, but expect sales and importation to begin later this year.

[Source: Ego-Kits]

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