Shooting at conventions is never easy. On a standard shoot, we can take our time to setup intricate shots, mount cameras and find the perfect backdrop for interviews. Events like CES offer no such luxuries. You need to get your shots no matter what. And while most people see the cameras and mics and try to stay out of your way, gray-hairs seem compelled to walk directly into frame, oblivious to the world around them. It's astonishing, and at some point we need to put together an outtake reel of confused octogenarians interrupting Bradley mid-syllable.

In the grand scheme of madness, CES ranks just ahead of E3, but behind the king of them all, Comicon. But CES is easily my favorite due to the overwhelming orgy of tech excess that leaves you dizzy for hours. It made me chuckle to see Bradley and Tomi (our director of photography) sitting in the cab on the way to the hotel, staring straight ahead in silence until they got back. The sensory overload is as draining as it is awesome.

This year I was really impressed at how much the auto industry – especially the OEMs – have stepped up their presence. Two of the most crammed booths we saw were Audi and Hyundai. The impact was even greater because a lot of the entertainment tech companies phoned it in for 2011. More 3D TVs, little progress on consumer grade cameras, same old speakers. Not the kind of thing to set your heart aflutter, which made the automotive tech stand out that much more.

If you're interested in more peeks behind the sceens, let us know, and feel free to ask us any questions either in the comments below or on the Translogic Facebook page. I'll try to answer all of them personally. Thanks for watching, nerds.

[Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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