Sauter Carbon Offset Design introduces carbon neutral Ocean Empire LSV

We don't feature ocean going vessels on ABG too often, but every once in a while it is nice to take a break from our four-wheeled companions. Especially when the boat under discussion is as cool as the LSV pictured above. Sauter Carbon Offset Design has introduced what they are claiming is the world's first zero carbon life support vessel (LSV). This super-yacht gets its LSV denomination because you can basically live on it indefinitely, as it contains two hydroponic farms as well as fishing accommodations.

Capturing energy on the 144 ft Ocean Empire should be easy no matter what the weather conditions as the vessel contains three methods of energy capture. First, 4,305 square feet of solar panels can capture 70 kW of power, should it be cloudy out, an auxiliary 861 square foot skysail can be used to generate 200 kW, enough to power the yacht at 18 knots. Finally, Motion Damping Regeneration (MDR) keeps the ship from bobbing up and down due to waves, and captures some of that energy (as much as 50 kW). If all else fails there is a Daimler Turbo Compound DD16 BlueTec diesel electric engine that can get the ship moving.

Sounds good, right, and a way fun way to live in the Waterworld future. All of these features don't come cheap, however, with the base price starting at $17 million. Ouch.

[Source: Luxurylaunches and gizmag]

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