The sun's just coming up and the coffee isn't quite done brewing, but you know what you have to do: grab the snow shovel and free your car from its soft, white prison. When finished, your automobile once again tastes freedom and you've built a nice little parking space. Rather than let someone else take advantage of your labor and lay claim it after you've driven away, you decide to set down a cone or lawn chair. This may seem like a simple token of ownership but it's actually a shining beacon of "back-off" that's communicated to other motorists. Try pulling this in the Darby Township section of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and it might cost you.

According to a city ordinance, offending space-savers may be fined up to $300. Another portion of the ordinance says that shovelers putting snow back onto plowed roads can be fined as well. So, shovel away, but remember: no calling dibs after the fact.

[Source: The Morning Call | Image: Andrew Burton/Getty]

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