The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is looking to reduce the number of injuries sustained by people ejected from vehicles during accidents. To that end, the government organization has just ruled to establish a new mandate that forces automakers to institute new ejection mitigation systems.
In the common tongue, that means side air bags will need to be more robust and longer than they are at present, and that in some cases, side glass will need unique glazing. There's also some indication that side impact air bags will now need to be tethered at the bottom. The rules only apply to vehicles under 10,000 pounds.

Automakers only have a short period of time to implement the new standard. NHTSA says that the law will begin being enforced starting September 1, 2013.

While the rules seem to be aimed at catering to people who refuse to wear their seatbelts, NHTSA says that the regulations will help protect everyone in the event of a rollover, even those who are properly secured with traditional restraints. Head over to the NHTSA using the link below to read the full ruling.

[Source: NHTSA – PDF link]

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