David Peilow with Tesla Roadster 2.5 in front of Edinburgh Castle

It could have been a great confrontation. No, we didn't expect fisticuffs or bodily harm of any sort. Rather, a great conversation about the merits and drawbacks of electric cars and, possibly, the role of the media in presenting accurate information to a busy public. Instead, we get nothing but a bit of satisfaction knowing that you can actually take the high road and get to Scotland before the BBC. Perhaps we should explain.

As we were telling you yesterday, after watching the BBC's technology correspondent Brian Milligan spending a couple miserable days taking a woefully ill-suited Mini E halfway on a 484-mile (779 km) trip from London to Edinburgh, Tesla superfan David Peilow had enough. He got himself a Tesla Roadster and headed from London to Scotland himself with the aim of arriving that same day and so exposing Mr Milligan's stunt as the bit of buffoonery it so obviously was. Are we being too harsh? Hey, the guy was poking along way below the speed limit for 50 miles or so, without turning on the heat, then stopping for up to eight hours to charge and claiming that these are the sacrifices one must make if one wants to drive an electric car. Any electric car. Pathetic.

So, did he make it? Despite the cold and thick fog, David arrived last night in Edinburgh with his very patient and understanding girlfriend riding shotgun. Stopping only twice for charging opportunities at a 30 amp and 70 amp station, he drove using headlights, windshield wipers and heat. The dude from the BBC? He still wouldn't arrive until 9:00 pm local time the next day. And while our EV hero was willing to hang out and wait for the dog and pony show to pull into town, Mr. Milligan was not interested in a rendezvous. Not interested in the little gift Tesla had sent along for him. Not interested in face-to-face discourse. Not interested in being held accountable for holding up a posing bit of puffery as something resembling responsible journalism. Low road indeed.

To judge for yourself the quality of this coverage from BBC News, hit the jump for one of their clips or, go to their site for the whole story. Feel free to leave comments both here and there.

[Source: David Peilow / BBC]

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