Motivated by Prop 23's defeat in November, Environment California is working on getting Governor Jerry Brown on board with a plan to reduce California's dependence on oil by getting one million clean vehicles on the Golden State's roads by 2022. Why one million? As Dan Jacobson, Environment California's legislative director, explains:
It's our theory that if you can get to a million, that basically creates a tipping point. There will then be so many clean cars that Detroit and all the automakers will just start selling us nothing but clean cars. Once we get to that number, we think we'll get to 3 million really fast.
According to Jacobson, it does not necessarily have to be exclusively EVs, but could also be "cars that are going to get 100 miles to the gallon." Jacobson believes that California, should its government and citizens pursue the plan, will fuel a trend that the rest of the nation will follow. Details are short on exactly what Environment California would do to help Californians get to this magic number, but it's pretty clear it will involve the California Air Resources Board if the program gets the go-ahead from Gov. Brown.

[Source: NC Times]

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