During a roundtable discussion with Johan de Nysschen and Dr. Peter Steiner, we got a glimpse into Audi's future infotainment plans beyond the next generation MMI and its new e.solutions Modular Infotainment System. While 4G LTE wireless broadband and enhanced 3D graphics are coming in the near future, two more established technologies are being considered further down the line.

When asked if Audi would consider using the Android operating system to run its infotainment systems, the execs admitted to looking into the technology. We've seen a modified version of Android running on the Volkswagen RNS-510 navigation system and auto supplier Continental is actively looking into bringing Google's mobile OS into the automotive realm.

More intriguing, Audi could offer its own App Store, similar to those from Apple, Google, Windows, Palm and Nokia. The apps would download directly to Audi's MMI and expand on the standard features while offering owners increased customization. Audi also divulged that if such a store were in place it would allow third-party developers to release apps, similar to what Ford has implemented with its SYNC system. And before the hate mail starts rolling in, Audi recognizes that distracted driving is a serious issue, so their goal is to break the app into two classes: One for when the vehicle is in motion and another when it's stationary.

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