Report: Audi A9 will share chassis with Lamborghini Estoque

It seems like the pieces are beginning to come together for much-rumored Audi A9. Autocar is reporting that a company insider has said that the project is moving along nicely, with both engineering and accounting hard at work on ways to make the super sedan a reality. That's all fine and good, but we're more interested in another little piece of news that's cropped up. It would seem that in order to make the vehicle more cost effective, Audi engineers are currently looking at ways to allow the four-door's architecture to be used for a production version of the Lamborghini Estoque.

How's about them apples.

There's even some indication that the car's bones could be at least loosely based on the same modular longitudinal architecture as the A8. If this proves to be true, the suits at Audi should have an easier time rubber-stamping the A9 into production. From there, we would guess that it wouldn't be too long before a production version of the Estoque supersaloon bowed as well.

[Source: Autocar]

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