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If you find your Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG just a little too plebeian for your tastes, the team at Renntech have you covered. The high-end Silver Arrow tuners have just turned out a crate-load of carbon fiber goodies for the German monstrosity, all designed to give the vehicle a little extra speed and some flare to boot.

Renntech got started with a carbon front splitter, which, aside from adding a little down force, also channels air to the front brakes for greater cooling. Speaking of those front stoppers, Renntech is also serving up a set of carbon fiber brake ducts as well. Strictly a bolt-on affair, the ducts should be useful if you ever decide to put your CLK63 AMG through some track abuse.

The tuner is also offering a CF air box, rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing for the carbon fetishists out there. The icing on the cake is a set of front and rear adjustable camber bushings. Don't expect all of this kit to come cheap, though. Tally up all the pieces and Renntech will politely ask for $15,290 without installation. Hit the jump for the press release and a detailed price breakdown.

  • Renntech Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG front splitter

  • Renntech Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG brake ducts

  • Renntech Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG air box

  • Renntech Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG rear diffuser

  • Renntech Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG rear wing

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CLK 63 Black Carbon Upgrades
January 5th, 2011

Until only recently, RENNtech has offered a line of proprietary, one-of-a-kind carbon fiber aerodynamic upgrades for the CLK Black Series to a small number of exclusive clientele; one of the first being Indy Car driver Tony Kanaan. We recently finished yet another complete package installation and are proud to announce them to market due to the increased interest and popularity of these products.

Our CLK 63 Black Series carbon aero upgrades include our proprietary full carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, DTM rear wing, Carbon air box with vacuum chamber and front carbon brake air ducts. All of our components are manufactured in high quality, full carbon fiber available in either matte or gloss finish to suit individual desires.

These components are the result of countless hours of design and testing by our in house design and engineering staff to integrate seamlessly within the original body work and offer significant improvements in vehicle performance and handling.

Carbon Front Splitter: Our front lip spoiler offers aggressive front end styling and increased down force for improved handling. Integrated into the flat panel underbody tray are functional channels which allow cooling air to be directed to the front brakes to significantly increase brake cooling and reduce heat fade and pad wear.
Price $2450

Carbon Front Brake Air Ducts: Our front brake air ducts were designed in conjunction with our front splitter to dramatically increase cooling air flow to the front brakes reducing brake fade and pad wear under the most extreme driving conditions. These bolt on components require no modification to the brake heat shield and are crafted in full carbon fiber.
Price $1250

63 Carbon Air box: Our redesigned full carbon air box incorporates a restyled carbon vacuum chamber box. By optimizing the path and increasing the volume of incoming airflow, our carbon air box is able to offer gains up to 10 hp, in addition to serving as an attractive under hood showpiece.
Price $2795

Carbon Rear diffuser: Our rear diffuser is the companion component to the front splitter and functions to decrease drag and increase down force by improving the underbody airflow and its transition to ambient air. As with the front splitter, our diffuser is the result of countless hours of design and testing, but isn't just for looks. Integrated into the true double decker rear diffuser are air channels to dramatically reduce turbulent underbody air as well as a dedicated channel to direct air to the rear differential oil cooler, thus decreasing thermal stress on drive line components and allow for significantly cooler operating temperatures
Price $3250

Carbon DTM Adjustable Rear Wing: Offering aggressive styling and functional performance; our fully adjustable DTM style rear wing is designed to work in conjunction with the OEM lip spoiler and improves rear down force and stability at higher speeds.
Price $3350

Front & Rear Adjustable Camber Bushings: Our proprietary rear suspension bushings
allow drivers to adjust their car's handling for different tracks and styles of driving, ensuring that the car's tires maintain maximum grip for proper alignment, better braking, and improved cornering.
Price: Front $1250 Rear $945

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