With vehicles like the battery-powered Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and the plug-in hybrid Vauxhall Ampera roaming UK roads (or about to), government officials have decided to ease the requirements for installing charging stations. The rules relaxation is meant to boost the UK's adoption of plug-in vehicles.

To encourage the installation of thousands of plug-in points across the UK, ministry officials have reportedly agreed to a plan that eliminates the government permissions previously required for charging stations installs. It's expected that by lessening bureaucratic barriers, charging points will quickly pop up streetside and at outdoor public parking areas.

Green party leader Caroline Lucas welcomed the move, which should become official soon, but noted that plug-in vehicles are "only as green as the electricity they run on" and urged "ministers to take action as well to boost the renewable energy industry." One step at a time, folks.

[Source: Guardian.co.uk]

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