"My Italian car can beat up your Italian car" is likely the next bumper sticker for one Italian man... after he gets out of jail. According to the Daily Mail, a 32-year old Ferrari 458 Italia driver is in trouble after coming down with a serious bout of road rage. A Fiat 600 would not get out of his way on the roads near Rome, so he did what any insane person would do, and decided to ram the hapless Fiat repeatedly. Once the Fiat pulled over, the unnamed Ferrari driver switched from car fighting to fist fighting and began pummeling the other driver. He wasn't alone, either, as a passenger in the Ferrari aided in the fisticuffs.

A passing off-duty cop stopped to break things up and backup arrived to haul the two Ferrari fighters off to jail. After searching the car, police found over $30,000 in cash and are attempting to figure out where it came from. According to the report, neither man is a stranger to the police and they're both in custody for assault, criminal damage and resisting arrest.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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