Don't worry if you go to pick up your Chevy Volt and you see it has 25+ miles on the odometer. Chances are, a Volt-trained technician has taken it for an evaluation to make sure all systems are working properly. General Motors is calling it the In-Field Quality Assessment Program, and it will run through June of this year as the company ramps up production and gets these Volts dialed-in.

After the Volts arrive at dealerships, a technician performs a road test of about 25 miles to test the all-electric mode and range extending mode on a variety of road types. After the on-road tests, they give the car a "bumper-to-bumper" inspection, checking things like fit and finish, GPS, accessories, as well as charging from 120 volt and 240 volt sources. The only Volts that won't be checked are those that were randomly chosen for extended testing at the factory. In that case, the Volts will arrive at the dealership with as much as 70 miles on the odometer. This is one case where having a few extra miles on the odometer is a good thing.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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