Rumormill: 2012 Chevrolet Camaro equipped with 330-hp LFX V6

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When the V6-powered 2011 Ford Mustang arrived with 305 horsepower – one more pony than the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro – the engineers at General Motors didn't take long to up their power quotient to 312 hp. Camaro5 reports that GM has no intention of resting on its seven pony victory, as the 2012 Camaro will received an updated 3.6-liter mill capable of 325-330 horsepower.

The rumored engine will reportedly carry the LFX designation, with the same direct injection, variable valve timing and dual overhead cams as the 2011 model, but that's not all. The rumored LFX also lists "E85 MAX" as a technology, giving the updated engine the ability to burn ethanol as its primary fuel. So how does E85 equal 330 horsepower? It doesn't, really, but the folks at Camaro5 estimate the new number based off the improvements made to the 270 horsepower 3.0L LF1 V6 (in the same engine family as the current 3.6-liter V6) that currently resides under the hood of several GM products. So if 3.0-liters equals 270 horsepower, then 3.6 liters can somehow net you somewhere between 325 and 330 ponies.

Okay, so A² plus B² divided by unicorn dust somehow equals 330 horsepower? That's not exactly the scientific method, but at least one forum poster claims that the LFX will also carry larger heads and exhaust valves, a new "tunable" ECM and a revised intake manifold. We have no idea how accurate any of this information is, but Camaro5 has a pretty good track record when it comes to Bowtie scoops, and we'll be more than happy to welcome a 330-hp V6 Camaro if this turns out to be true. Hat tip to Rick!

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[Source: Camaro5]

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