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The Chevy Volt is on sale now, but for most Americans there's a catch. The extended range EV must be purchased in one of a select few markets like New York or Los Angeles, leaving many dealers Volt-less until next Fall. That didn't stop the inventive folks at Jim Ellis Chevrolet in Georgia from getting their hands on Chevy's electrically-charged halo car. ABC affiliate WSB TV in Atlanta reports that an employee at the dealership traveled all the way to New York to pose as a regular customer, then purchased a white Volt and brought it back to the Georgia dealership.

So what does the dealer plan to do with it's new Volt? Start a bidding war between early-adopting southerners? Not even close. The dealer website claims the shiny new hatch will not be sold. Instead, the dealer will use the vehicle as a draw to get customers to enter the dealership. And according to Jim Ellis Vice President Mark Frost, the plan is working, with about 100 potential car buyers entering the dealer every day just to take a look. Frost says he's hoping the Volt will compel Toyota and Honda loyalists to buy a Chevy. But until the Volt goes on sale in Georgia late next year, the best customers can hope for is a test drive. Hit the jump to watch the story.

[Source: WSB TV via GM Inside News]

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