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Thanks to its $2,500 price tag, the Tata Nano enjoyed incredible buzz from the minute it was announced. Sales started out with a bang, too, with demand so strong that Tata instituted a lottery to determine who would get their Nano first. But the last few months hasn't been kind to the micro-mini economy ride. The Nano has endured several price increases (it now starts at just over $3,000), there have been a series of car fires and a lack of adequate financing options which led to only 589 units sold in November.

That's a pretty stark number, no doubt, but Tata Motors proved in December that the Nano's problems could be quickly addressed. Bloomberg reports that Tata has more than doubled the vehicle's warranty to four years or 60,000 kilometers, while at the same time opening up more financing options. The early returns on those changes are positive, with reported December sales of 5,784. That's nowhere near the July sales record of over 9,000 units, but at the same time December outpaced November by a very wide margin. Sales were reportedly also helped out due to increased television advertising and the introduction of a 99 rupee ($2) maintenance plan.

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[Source: Bloomberg]

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