Late last week, the city of Beijing, China, announced that it would enforce a measure that restricts vehicle registrations. The move is aimed at tackling the city's traffic congestion and improving its overall air quality. The law limits 2011 vehicle registrations to a mere 240,000, or one-third of the number recorded in 2010.

On Saturday, Beijing began accepting online license plate applications under the new system and the municipal government reports that, within the first 11 hours, 36,138 residents applied to register a vehicle. However, submitting an application in Beijing does not guarantee that a vehicle will receive the registration that's required to drive it on the city's roads. The municipal government will only issue 17,600 license plates per month, which will be selected at random, and applicants who are not drawn will automatically be placed back in the system for a chance at obtaining a license plate the following month. Could be a long list in a very short time...

[Source: People's Daily Online | Image: poeloq – C.C. License 2.0]

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