After years of waiting, the Mitsubishi i MiEV is finally going to cross the Pacific Ocean and go on sale this upcoming February. In Costa Rica. What? Doesn't that make total sense to you? Yeah, it's not the biggest automotive market in the Americas but, to Costa Rica's credit, it has been considered by some the "greenest" country on the planet. Apparently, a Costa Rican's average environmental footprint is only about a quarter of a typical American's and the country has demonstrated its concern for the future by setting a goal of being the first to become carbon neutral, hopefully by 2021.

So yeah, they could use the 25 to 50 units Mitsubishi is planning on shipping them. It should be interesting to see how many are actually sold though. The Central American republic doesn't have any government programs to aid buyers and the Mitsubishi electrics will be weighted down by a $61,500 price tag. Ouch! Hardly seems right, does it?

[Source: Inside Costa Rica | Source Image: kansasphoto – C.C. License 2.0]

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