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When you gotta go, you gotta go. We're not talking about dying, we're talking about answering nature's clarion call. However, the individual seen in this video very nearly combined the two. While the side of a seemingly empty road might provide an ample spot for an emergency bathroom, you should be sure it is, in fact, empty. This one is not.

An Audi driver was on the road, apparently enjoying his German sedan con brio when he lost control. Did he succumb to oversteer because he spied a man relieving himself, or because of the camera man filming the his buddy? Perhaps he saw both – or perhaps he saw neither. In fact, perhaps the video isn't even real, but it certainly looks it. If it's the real deal, we wouldn't be at all surprised to learn than more than one person soiled themselves in the making of this video.

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[Source: YouTube]

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