Is Galpin Auto Sports hiring? Because rapper/actor Xzibit is broke. During his Pimp My Ride days on MTV, X was raking in the dough – in 2007, he earned $497,175 from the crazy custom car show. The very next year, after the show was canceled, he earned a decidedly un-Hollywoodesque $67,510... an income drop of nearly 86 percent. According to public records, Xzibit now owes $959,523 in delinquent taxes.

Filing for bankruptcy twice in 2009 didn't get him anywhere, since both filings were dismissed. As of July 2009, Xzibit's assets were listed at $739,433, yet his debts totaled around $1.4 million. The assets are primarily attribute to various homes owned in California and New Mexico.

[Source: The Detroit News via Jalopnik | Image:]

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