Tata Nano Gold Plus by Titan Industries – Click above for image gallery

Try to imagine the most basic car on the road, and you'll likely conjure up images of the Tata Nano. The Citroën 2CV of our time, the Nano was conceived as bare-bones, bargain-basement transport for the masses. But while it makes the rest of us wonder how much our own cars are really worth, sales of the diminutive budget car have been lagging in the wake of safety concerns after cars were reported to be spontaneously combusting due to bad wiring and such.

To drum up enthusiasm for the Nano, Tata has brought in one of its subsidiaries, Titan Industries, to give the car a more luxe appearance in the form of gold and jewels. Celebrating the 5,000th anniversary of Indian jewelry, Tata and Titan launched a public campaign to solicit designs for a bedazzled Nano. Thirteen designs came in, with the winner you see here chosen just a few days ago. The conspicuous one-off will be crafted out of pure gold by Titan at its facility in Bagalore. Have a closer look at the winning design, along with a couple of the runners-up, in the gallery below.

[Source: International Business Times]

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