Donkervoort showed off a bit of a holiday surprise in the form of a company Christmas card that gave the world a hint as to what the automaker has planned for the new year. Behold: the first look at the D8 GTO. Using a carbon fiber and steel composite chassis, the company's next take on open-wheeled goodness is expected to be a good bit larger than the current iteration. While Donkervort hasn't made any clear distinctions as to what exactly will show up under the hood, early reports suggest the beast could possibly rock the same 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder mill from the mighty Audi TT-RS. If true, that means that the G8 GTO could pack upwards of 340 horsepower.

According to and our Google translator, Donkervoort plans to show off a prototype early in 2011. If we were the betting type, we'd lay a fiver on the car showing up at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

[Source: Auto Week]

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