Video: Bertone's Alfa Romeo Pandion concept goes all Matrix on us

Bertone Pandion concept – Click above to watch the video after the jump

You remember the Bertone Pandion. Who could forget: Bertone's Alfa Romeo show car dropped at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year to rave reviews and dropped jaws. But as fortunate as we were to lay our eyes on it at all, the truth of the matter is that the poor lighting and commercial setting of a major car expo hardly serve as the best conditions for viewing such a fine example of automotive design.

To put as advanced a concept as the Pandion into its proper context, what we really need is some futuristic, post-apocalyptic fantasy world. You know, like The Matrix or The Fifth Element or something – and we're not talking about some Toyota hatchback, either. Fortunately, someone's done exactly that, and we've placed the video after the jump for your cyber-dreaming enjoyment. Heck, if this is what's waiting on the other side, we'll take whatever pill Cadillac's new spokesman tells us to. Thanks for the tip, Boby!

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[Source: YouTube]

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