Zagato teases upcoming TZ4 with holiday greetings?

Close your eyes and picture the most beautiful contemporary sportscar designs. Were the Perana Z-One and Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione in the mix? Well, perhaps they ought to be. Now open your eyes and look at the image above.

What you're looking at is a holiday card from the good folks at Zagato featuring the full Alfa Romeo TZ family. Starting from the back, there's the original TZ1, followed by the classic TZ2, the most recent TZ3 Corsa unveiled at Villa d'Este and, what's that wrapped in a bow, a fourth TZ model?

This is the first indication we've had of such a model in the works, but from what we can see in the image above, it looks promising, blending the aforementioned Z-One and 8C together into one tempting shape. Logic would dictate that the fourth model will carry the TZ4 nameplate. If it's real, it's likely to have been commissioned by some wealthy client, and probably borrows its underpinnings from the 8C Competizione. Whatever it is, color us intrigued, so watch this space for more details as they become available.

[Source: AutoEdizione]

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