Nick Cave is a man among men. Aside from cranking out some seriously awesome rock as the lead man for bands like the Bad Seeds and Grinderman, the legend has also taken up saving British drivers from the nuisance of speed cameras. At least in Brighton. At this point, it's unclear whether Cave intentionally took out the camera with his Jaguar or if the roles were reversed and the pole lashed out at the car as the rock star contends. At this point, we're apt to side with Cave's version of events.

Meanwhile, the rocker has become a local hero in the eyes of motorists that had been living under the tyranny of the speed camera. Apparently there's no shortage of people willing to buy the man a drink, and for good reason. We don't exactly support vigilante vandalism, but we aren't huge fans of speed cameras either. Cave and Grinderman are set to play alongside Rammstein, Tool and Iggy Pop and the Stooges at the Big Day Out music festival around the world next year.

[Source: The Herald and Weekly Times | Image: Thorsten Overgaard / Getty Images]

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