Formulec EF01 electric racing series announced at UN Climate Change Conference

We got our first sight of the Formulec EF01 single-seat race car at the Paris Motor Show in October, and it has since made its way to CancĂșn, Mexico for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The conference was the perfect place to display this open-wheel racer because it is all electric, powered by two Siemens motors and a SAFT lithium-ion battery pack good for 20-25 minutes of full-bore racing.

Unfortunately, there is little new information regarding the actual racing series that will use the Formulec EF01 other than that the UN has a tentative plan for a 10-event championship in 2012 that will span five continents. Until then, the EF01 will be making the rounds at existing racing events to demonstrate its capabilities. Considering the battery pack only lasts, at most, 25 minutes, we figure battery swapping will come into play during the race, but how many and how fast those swaps are is anyone's guess.
[Source: AutoNews]

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