The celebration of the grand opening of a McDonald's fast-food restaurant is not exactly worthy of recognition. With at least 12,392 McDonald's franchises operating in the U.S. alone, the opening of one additional store in Huntington, West Virginia would usually go unnoticed, especially by the green car media. Not this time.
McDonald's has teamed up with American Electric Power to install two plug-in vehicle charging stations at the Huntington, WV fast-food joint. The chargers, though not the first to be installed at a McDonald's location, will allow Big Mac fans to scarf down some grub while their plug-in vehicles get juiced up.

If you think that it's kind of odd that the king of junk food has installed chargers to fill up some of the cleanest operating vehicles in the land, we'd agree. But with more than 58 million customers stopping by a McDonald's somewhere across the globe everyday, we'd have to say that the decision to install chargers there is one we wholeheartedly support.

[Source: Green Car Advisor | Image: daveynin – C.C. License 2.0]

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