Getting ready to fire up Gran Turismo 5 this morning? Polyphony Digital would like you to wait a few moments, because there is a patch that needs to be downloaded... and it's 608 megabytes. Don't fret though, According to Eurogamer, this update brings a few new interesting features:

- Seasonal Events: Fresh racing events that allow GT5 users to compete against each other to win rewards and experience points. Leader boards will allow you to see where you stand compared to the rest of the world.

- Online Car Dealer: A new dealer lot that will focus on popular and rare used cars. This is a nice change of pace from the constant stream of odd JDM Civics and Subaru 360s that seem to wind up in our Used Car lot.

- Online Race Rewards and Experience: Just like it sounds... this adds rewards and experience points for races won in online competitions.

- Mechanical Damage: It was made available for online races but has now made its way to the offline races as well.

- HUD: You can disable the HUD display for a full-screen view of the action.

- Improved Rewards: The rewards for certain challenges, such as the AMG Driving Experience, have been increased.

- GT Academy officially launches as of 12/20/2010

We are still learning more with regards to what exactly is included in this mega-update, but word on the virtual street is that this ought to be a solid early Christmas present for Gran Turismo 5 fans.


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