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Some cars are unfairly derided as "chick cars," like the Mini Cooper or the Mazda MX-5. Less so the Renault Twingo. While we're sure it's a good car for its class, it doesn't exactly ooze testosterone. Which is fine, of course, because not every car is targeted at male customers. But Renault takes things a step further.

In a controversial television commercial, the French automaker depicts a little girl-on-girl encounter for Italian audiences. One that we won't describe here, but invite you to watch (over and over again) in the video posted after the jump.

Now Renault's done some racy spots for the Twingo before – two of which we've also posted after the jump – so perhaps the more surprising part is that it's been banned from the airwaves. In Italy, of all places, by the media conglomerate owned by the country's philanderer-in-chief, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

A political move, perhaps, in light of recent challenges to his tenure made by conservative leaders (reportedly including Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo)? We'll leave that to the pundits, and invite you to follow us beyond the jump to watch the videos for yourself. Hat tip to Doogie Hauser!

[Source: USA Today]

The controversial ad in question:

Two more commercials for the Twingo:

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