BMW Motorrad subliminal advertising – Click above to watch the video after the break

How far is this from having the ads at eye-level in a pubic urinal?

BMW recently created a special video advertisement, and those that viewed it had no choice but to remember it. Huh?

It was shown at a movie theater in Germany and left viewers with an image of the BMW logo imprinted on the back of their eyelids. How did they do that?

When you look at the sun and then close your eyes you see a circular dot as if projected on the back of your eyelids. BMW used the same technique, using a large Profoto Pro-7B flash unit, a big version of the flash utilized on digital cameras. In front of the flash device was a hollowed out BMW logo. The audience couldn't see it as it sat behind the screen they were viewing the advert on.

During the ad, the motorcycle driver tells the audience to close their eyes. For those that followed his directions, they saw the BMW logo with their eyes closed. As far as we're aware, there have been no big complaints yet of taking subliminal advertising to new heights. But the people who saw the ad also reported seeing a lot of genitalia images in the ice of every liquor ad they saw the same day...

[Source: YouTube]

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