In an 8-K filing posted with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, Tesla Motors revealed that, by the end of the third quarter, it had already lined up 3,000 buyers who have coughed up $5,000 required to reserve the automaker's long-promised Model S. Additional information mentioned in the report suggests that the Model S will eventually obtain a five-star safety rating, feature more cargo room than any other sedan on the market and be designed to accommodate battery-swap technology.

The SEC filing details Tesla's numerous deals with other automakers, which are briefly outlined below:
  • Tesla received an initial order for 1,500 lithium-ion battery packs for the Smart ForTwo ED
  • Tesla anticipates selling 500 lithium-ion battery packs to Daimler for use in the Mercedes-Benz A-Class electric.
  • The automaker's cumulative sales to Daimler topped the $12-million mark earlier this year.
  • Tesla expects revenue of $60 million for its part in developing components for the Toyota RAV4 EV.
To read Tesla's 8-K SEC filing, which is jam-packed with graphics that detail the automaker's intentions, click here.

[Source: Securities and Exchange Commission via Tesla Motors]

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