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Remember the Cadillac Converj, the beautiful plug-in hybrid concept that General Motors was going to build but then decided against bringing to market? That program is still as dead as ever (at least as far as we know), but Reuters is reporting that the luxury marque is still interested in putting a PHEV powertrain into one of its vehicles, in this case a version of the Cadillac SRX crossover. According to Reuters sources, the PHEV SRX would share some of the technology from the Chevrolet Volt and from the plug-in hybrid SUV programs that Buick and Saturn worked on.

This is not the first time the SRX has been targeted for a greening. Back in April 2009, we heard that the Cadillac SRX was supposed to get GM's two-mode hybrid powertrain installed, but that never happened. In this industry, a lot of rumors float around about potential green vehicles that may or may not be debuting at an auto show in the near future. That Volt-like Chevy Amp rumor from earlier this week is probably not going to happen, for example. Our sources tell us that no plug-in SRX will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but we might see it in 2011. Maybe.

[Source: Reuters]

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