Remember the Volkswagen Mark II Golf CityStromer? Well, neither did we, but we were reminded that VW has been tinkering with electric vehicles since the 1970s thanks to a recent article on All Cars Electric. In 1985, VW took a Mark I Golf, swapped the gasoline engine for an all-electric drivetrain and voila, The Mark II Golf CityStromer was born. The CityStromer was powered via 96 volts of lead-acid gel batteries and had a range of around 50-60 miles and could reash a top speed of 60 miles per hour. In 1985, it sold for $30,000. One reason we've not heard much about it is that VW did a very limited production run – only about 100 left-hand-drive and two right-hand-drive versions of the EVs were ever made.
All Cars Electric writer Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield got her hands on one of the two the right-hand-drive Mark IIs in 2009. By the time she acquired the vehicle, it had already undergone many aftermarket powertrain modifications and was able to reach 70 mph. However, the electric motor eventually gave out and, due to the high cost of repairs, it ended up just sitting in her driveway.

Gordon-Bloomfield's Mark II Golf CityStromer didn't sit there for too long, because VW was searching for just this vehicle recently while working on the 2012 Golf Blue e-motion. After some discussion, she decided to sell her 1985 EV back to VW and the automaker plans to restore the vehicle to its original condition with help from the team that crafted it 25 years ago.

[Source: All Cars Electric]

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