Our third and final list of car gifts for Christmas is made up of things we sadly can't afford ourselves. These are top-notch gift ideas for those who happen to fall into the very highest tax brackets, and we are officially envious of anyone who receives anything on this list. Too rich for your blood? No problem, check out some less expensive gift ideas here and here.

See the list...

Video Games Gone Wild

Race-Star ConverTTable

What appears to be a fairly basic box table actually hides a special gaming secret, unfolding to reveal a driving wheel, adjustable pedals and a track-mounted racing bucket. You can slide it in front of your TV and the Nürburgring on Gran Turismo 5 goes from a controller-chucking experience to a carousel-shredding event. When it's time to shut down the fun, simply fold the table back up and it turns right back into drink-holding furniture.

Price: $6,605

For the arcade lover...
Need For Speed Carbon Arcade Game - $6,995

Need for Speed Carbon is GLOBAL VR's newest installment in the Need for Speed series of arcade games, featuring seven tracks and three difficulty settings, up to 10 customizable cars, and the ability to race head-to-head with up to four cars. Plus... it's a freaking arcade game!

For those who don't play video games...

Audi Designs Foosball Table - $16,000

Foosball (it's not for the Devil...) happens to be one of the greatest ways to pass the time that we'd normally be wasting away during halftime of our normal spate of Saturday morning college football games. And this may be the coolest foosball table around. Want one? Check with your local Audi dealer.

Driver's Ed

Monticello Motor Club Gold Membership

"Situated on 650 beautiful hilltop acres, MMC offers a new road course facility with 4.1 miles of race-grade paving that forms a dozen course configurations, including a 3.5-mile 'Full Course' with 18 turns, 1.5 miles of straights and 450 feet of total elevation change." You had us at hello...

Price: $125,000 plus $9,600 annually

For those who want to learn from the best...

Bondurant Advanced Road-Racing 3-Day Course - $5,850

Join professional racers Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Elliot Sadler, Brian Vickers, Dale Jarrett and Rusty Wallace as a graduate of the Bondurant Advanced Road Racing Course. And have fun in the 'Vette!

For those wanting to drive the best...

World Class Driving Formula One Experience

World Class Driving Formula One Experience - $6,995

Want to know what it's like to pilot a Formula 1 race car? Strap yourself into one of these 720-horsepower, 1,100-pound carbon fiber race cars, lap the track at Monticello and find out.

Fine Home Furnishings

Chrysler Newport Dining Table

Seat up to six people in comfort around this 45"x60" dining room table fashioned from the the roof of a 1966 Chrysler Newport. The paint is original, giving it a rather attractive patina, and the legs are laser cut from steel. Underneath you'll find an intricate structure of steel cut from the original car, and each piece is, as you would imagine, completely unique.

Price: $1,800 and up

For the vintage aircraft aficionado...

Continental Radial Engine Coffee Table - $Contact

Yes, this is indeed a glass-topped coffee table fashioned from a 1930s-era radial engine, which likely powered some sort of aircraft way back when. According to the company, each unit is completely rebuilt prior to becoming a new holder for your morning cup of Joe.

For the art lover...
A.J. Foyt, Indy 500, Car #14 by LeRoy Neiman - $250,000

We're car experts, not art experts. That said, we know a beautiful painting when we see one, and the above certainly qualifies. Plus, the subject is A.J. Foyt, and that makes it extra special in our books... or our walls, if we had an extra quarter-million laying around.

Just For Fun

Conley Stinger 609 V8 engine

Weighing in at 6.09 cubic inches (or almost 100cc) is the Conley Stinger 609 V8 engine. It's pretty small, and you won't likely be installing it in anything that you'll actually drive yourself. Which means this is quite possibly the world's most awesome desktop ornament ever devised. We'll take ours with the optional supercharger, please.

Price: $5,695 plus

For the miniature racer...
Pocket Classics Miniature Vehicles - $15,000 plus

For the giftee who never got that Power Wheels he always wanted as a kid, may we recommend a Pocket Classic Miniature Vehicle from the UK? Choose either a 110cc gas-powered version or go with electric. We like the faux-Bentley and the WWII Jeep the best.

For the inner child...

Morgan SuperSport Junior Pedal Car - $Contact

No, it doesn't have an engine. And no, it's not really adult-sized. Still, we love ourselves some Morgan three-wheelers, and we have a feeling that the special someone who, like us, never outgrew his inner child, would love one too.

Special Cars For That Special Someone

Singer 911

Based on an '80s-era long-wheelbase 911 donor vehicle, the company strips each chassis to its bare shell for "reinvention" into what Singer calls a "celebration of the golden air-cooled era of the world's most important sports car." Three words: Best. Gift. Ever.

More Info: Singer 911 offers vintage looks, modern appointments, exotic performance

Price: $200,000 and up

For those who live off the beaten path...
Icon CJ3B - $79,000

After spending a few hours with the CJ3B, we said it's unquestionably worth the money. We were blown away by Icon's CJ3B. Vehicles without a trace of compromise tend to have that effect. That being the case, one could make the argument that the Icon CJ3B is worth more than $79,000.

For those who recognize a true classic...
Jeep Grand Wagoneer from The Wagonmaster - $Varies

If there were an automotive dictionary, next to the word 'classic' you'd find a picture of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Although its production run ended in 1991 (replaced by the Grand Cherokee), it's still possible to find a nice used example thanks to the efforts of fine men like those who operate The Wagonmaster.

How about a new set of wheels?

HRE 590RS Forged Aluminum Wheels

Any interest in a new set of wheels? Most any gearhead would appreciate these high quality three-piece forged aluminum wheels from HRE Performance Wheels. Choose from three separate spoke designs, 18-, 19- or 20-inch diameters and widths ranging from 7.5 to 15 inches. For an added bonus, choose the optional titanium fasteners to banish all extra unwanted unsprung weight!

Price: $1,499 (each) and up

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