Videos: Jay Leno spends time with Ford's new Police Interceptor, Automoblox

Jay Leno and the Ford Police Interceptor – Click above to watch video after the jump

Jay Leno has been a busy little denim-clad bee lately. The late-night host and car aficionado managed to get up close and personal with what Ford is hoping will become law enforcement's vehicles of choice in the near future – the Ford Police Interceptor and its Utility counterpart. Leno was lucky enough to get a full walk around both bruisers as well as a stint behind the wheel in the rain. The man with the chin managed to run down the current-generation Crown Victoria-based interceptor during a lead follow, so the footage from the track is a little more entertaining than your run-of-the-mill hot lap.

But that's not the only vehicle that Leno's been playing with recently. The comedian also took the time to get familiar with the latest new toy by the guys at Automoblox. The wooden racers are modular in design, allowing kids (and grown-ups, too) to build their own custom model from the available pieces. Think of it as Legos meets Hot Wheels. The pieces are made of German Beachwood, and the latest line of hot rods are right up our alley.

Hit the jump to see both videos.

[Source: Jay Leno's Garage]

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