LHT Performace KR-Z – Click above to watch video after the jump

It was only a matter of time before some inventive soul set about curing what ails the 2011 Honda CR-Z; namely, the anemic hybrid drivetrain. It looks like the crew at LHT Performance have gutted the electrified bits and swapped in an honest all-star from the Honda stable – the K20. If you recall, these guys were among some of the first to pull a similar stunt with the first-generation Honda Insight. According to LHT, their creation is the first successful K-Series CR-Z swap to have every vehicle system work as it should, including power steering, air-conditioning and cruise control, along with stability control and the vehicle's anti-lock brake system.

Well, nearly every vehicle system. The integrated motor assist didn't quite survive the transplant, but something tells us we won't be hearing any sobs over that loss. Right now, the shop has only served up a quick video, and there's no footage of the car actually tearing up the street or a track, but we're told more photos are on the way soon. Now, would you rather have this beast or the much rumored 1.6-liter turbocharged CR-Z that Honda is supposedly cooking up? Hit the jump to check it out and decide for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Steven.

[Source: YouTube]

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