Easy Rider chopper survives fire – Click above to watch video after the jump

Fear not, friends. One of the original Captain America Harley-Davidson Pan Head choppers from Easy Rider has survived a Texas warehouse fire. The raked-out Hollywood icon reportedly managed to escape the calamity with little more than a heavy dusting of soot and ash. The bike was one of 30 vehicles housed in an Austin, Texas building that went up in flames yesterday, and while all of the cars, trucks and bikes were collectables, the Easy Rider chopper was the most famous of the bunch. The former hardware store was packed wall-to-wall with antique Jaguar, Ford and Rolls-Royce models. At this point, it's unclear exactly which vehicles survived the blaze and which are headed for the scrapyard, but we do know that Peter Fonda's Harley will live to ride another day (in fact, there's actually some debate about the provenance of the bike either way).

Investigators say that the fire appears to have started in the rear of the building, and that as of right now, it looks like arson is to blame. Setting fire to another man's property is never acceptable, but trying to torch the Easy Rider Panhead is a sin of a different caliber. Hit the jump to see the video for yourself. Hat tip to Nathan!

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