For most racing drivers, landing a deal with an outfit like Red Bull would be a dream. The energy drink company has one of the most advanced driver development programs in the world, and is responsible for (among countless other feeder series champs) newly crowned Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel's ascension. Scott Speed, however, apparently doesn't feel the love.

The F1 and NASCAR driver has been with Red Bull for seven years, entering F1 as the first American driver in years before returning Stateside to race stock cars, still under Red Bull's auspices. And now, according to SceneDaily, he's suing his patron and employer to the tune of $6.5 million.

The reason? Breach of contract. According to the suit filed in North Carolina Superior Court, Red Bull significantly cut Speed's salary – by some half-million bucks, according to the complaint – and further failed to provide the budget his team needed to mount a competitive challenge.

[Source: | Image: Jason Smith/Getty]

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