FAW-Volkswagen Bora

Last Tuesday, the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture unveiled its electric E-Bora in the Chinese city of Changchun. The vehicle, built with core components made in China, is claimed to have a range of at least 93 miles on a single charge. The JV has not released much info on this electric sedan, leaving us with little to work with, but we do know that the E-Bora will utilize the underpinnings of the standard Bora pictured above.

In addition, FAW-Volkswagen plans to begin on-road testing of the E-Bora sometime next year. The testing will be conducted in several Chinese cities including Foshan and Changchun. Pricing and expected launch date are not available at this time, but FAW-Volkswagen is promising that the E-Bora will reach dealer lots, despite that fact that several other Chinese automakers have assessed the market and chosen to dial back their electric vehicle plans.

[Source: Trading Markets]

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