The first Chevrolet Volt that was made available for sale has now been sold. Final price? $225,000. Don't worry, that's not some horrendous dealer mark-up. It's how much someone was willing to bid because a.) this is an historic car and b.) the money goes to help the Detroit Public Schools – specifically, to support math and science education in Detroit.

The price was bid up quickly in the first few days of the auction but then plateaued at around $190,00 for the last 10 days. In the last few minutes of the auction today, the price shot up to $225k – in line with the most popular choice in the AutoblogGreen poll on the matter. We now await word on who bid on production number BU100002 (number one will be kept by General Motors) and what he or she plans to do with it. The bidder's screen name is ChargeOn, and he or she was one of just eight people who placed a bid, according to the Charity Buzz bid log.

[Source: Charity Buzz]

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